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Biomass Equipment


PM 30 Pelletmill
Wet Grinding

The PM30 pellet mill is made especially for the very demanding task of pelleting wood with a unique design providing high performance and low operating costs.


Robust, easy-to-maintain design

The pellet mill is equipped with a highly efficient double reduction gearbox allowing optimum dies speeds to be achieved at high working loads. Pressurised gearbox oil lubrication system with air-cooling is provided as standard. The high-speed belt drive transmission between main motor and gearbox provides a vibration free transmission of power to the gearbox. The pellet chamber door is a heavy-duty unit mounted on a motorised frame for easy access to the pellet chamber. Inner side of the pellet chamber door is provided with replaceable stainless steel protection plates. Effective distribution of product to the press rollers is achieved by separate inlet screws, one for each press roller, mounted on the pellet chamber door.

Fine Grinding

Hammermills for high-performance grinding in fish feed and petfood production lines.


Working Hand in Hand

Feed & Biomass

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